How to Find Quality Auto Loan Leads


It is very usual for any car dealer to spend thousands of dollars on buying auto finance leads to drive people to their showroom to shop for the cars. But many car dealers lack one thing as they are not able to make sure that if the consumer they have in their car shop is surely interested in buying a car. We are generating auto loan leads from qualified affiliates and the leads that we generate are not in hundreds we have quality auto finance lead traffic of more than 15k auto finance lead every month. Most of the leads that we generate are subprime leads and on such leads consumer s are fully aware of one thing that they have a poor credit and they do not want to visit one dealer to another just to seek financing as their chances of loan approval could be affected. Our main focus is not only generating qualified auto loan leads but also to connect the interested car buyer to the dealer. So at least they could hear from a dealer a word of hope for their auto finance need. is happy to let you know our advanced and proven auto finance lead generation solutions and dealer programs. As we have an ability to generate quality auto loan leads with targeted car buyer and we can sell this leads to the dealer and broker for competitive pricing which mean low pricing so they can make revenue out of the lead we sell them. We are looking for quality lead buyer who is really interested in buying quality and low price auto finance leads to make their own business grow and earn money through our leads as much as possible. If our dealer and third party lead buyers are happy we are happy.

We drive traffic of best auto finance lead in the industry with best proven result with highest return on investment and how that work. Let us explain. If you spent less on buying car sales lead it obvious that your revenue will increase and at 50 State Auto Loan we can give you best leads with cheap pricing and we have consistent lead volume for any dealer and buyer interested in buying subprime lead from us.

50 State Auto Loan Means the best auto loan leads!! We get more car buyers to our dealer.

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Subprime Car Sales Lead

Subprime Car sales lead plays an important role for dealers to convert maximum consumers into car sales. Auto finance leads are of different categories such as subprime leads, special finance leads, and bad credit car sales lead.50 State Auto Loan is specialized in all this lead generation categories of Auto Finance Lead. Generating special finance leads is not an easy job for any auto loan lead generation company. Because it takes lot of time and money. Driving quality auto loan lead traffic is one of the important part that any lead generation company must take care of and we at 50 State Auto Loan takes well care on how to drive quality traffic for our dealers and buyers

Now a day’s current market has put both lead generators and dealers in an extreme competition. And we all are looking to survive in this tough completion and to do that generating quality auto finance lead and providing quality service to the dealer and dealer to the customer is very important. As quality service will help generate more revenue for both dealer and lead sellers.

50 State Auto Loan drives most of the auto finance leads traffic from affiliates and filter out quality leads through in-house quality control. Which not only help us weed out bad leads before it goes to the dealer but also help us give quality lead service to our dealer and lead buying partner to keep them 100 % satisfied with the leads they receives.

To generate new car and used car sales leads it even needs time to filter our both customer who need new and used as per their budget and down payment decided by the customer. We also have experience of filtering such lead and separate it as new car and used car leads. If you need either new car or used car loan lead contact 50 State Auto Loan today and get the best quality special finance lead at lowest price in the industry. We have quality affiliates with quality traffic and that help us generate around 15,000 auto finance leads a month and the number is even increasing every month.

We also ensure that our affiliates gives us quality lead traffic and help us get more quality lead and who do all possible things to control the quality and makes it better for all those are involved in it. So call us now or visit us at  today for quality auto finance lead and see your cars sales graph improving.

How To Get Quality Auto Finance Leads ?

50 State Auto Loan has the ability to generate highest quality Auto Loan leads. We scrub our special finance leads generated from SEO, PPC, and Affiliates. All our auto loan leads are delivered in real time and exclusive. We pass only quality auto finance leads to our buyer. Even if there are any bad leads we will pay back for the leads that are bad with valid reason.

At 50 State Auto Loan our special finance leads meets following criteria average credit score is in the mid 500 range. Gross monthly income is above $1700.Over 1 years at the same residence and, 1 years at the current employer. Minimum down payment is between $ 500-1000. We do have lead scrubbed in-house for our dealer criteria we can do that for our dealer based on the requirement of our dealer and lead buying partner. Many dealer spent 1000’s of dollar on marketing and buying special finance leads that has no ROI and gives no car sales and many dealer were victim of such bad leads and they  keep on buying bad auto finance leads from bad lead provider or from a provider that charges highest $ on leads.

The time has come where all dealer and buyer need to be aware of choosing the right lead vendor for their need that is less expensive and provides auto finance leads which is more productive and gives more revenue. 50 State Auto Loan has the ability to deliver quality auto loan leads at less expensive price at just $ 10

50 State Auto loan is one of the nation’s leading auto finance lead generator and special finance lead provider and it could be a solution for you to but special finance leads from us to sell more cars and generating more revenue. We commit highest ROI on our leads we sell our leads for just $10 to any buyer and dealer and no one can beat our price for real time auto finance lead. If a dealer spent less on real time auto loan leads they make more revenue and waste less money on leads. So here is your chance to grab this opportunity of buying real time auto finance leads at $10 and sell more cars with it and earn more revenue and highest ROI. It’s not the time to think it is your day and your time to act.

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Why Use Special Finance Leads?

Special finance leads are commonly used by car dealers who want to make car sales without any hard core advertisement. Special finance lead has bad credit consumer who is willing to buy a car and special finance car dealer help them get financed for the car they are looking for special finance lead has consumer facing abnormal credit problems and they try to get it resolved through dealer help them get financed and the one the car buyer get financed they have chances to improve their credit. Special finance lead gives an opportunity for the dealer to sell cars to the people who really need a car.
There are many benefits of special finance leads as the matter of fact normally dealer find it difficult to close the month with their projected sale so they often go with buying special finance leads and try closing the month projected car sales target they have. As a buyers point of view special finance leads also help keep their dreams alive of buying a car. Because of bad credit ratings most of the car buyers comes under subprime category. Because of this reason many car buyers did not get approved for car and even find it difficult to get financed for a car. In short word special finance leads is beneficial for both dealer and car buyer.
How can a dealer buy special finance lead.It can is not hard to buy special finance leads and there are many lead generation companies that generate special finance leads and dealer can visit one special finance lead generation company called 50 State Auto Loan offer special finance leads at $ 10 to any dealer and stable buyer and it is very hard to find a lead vendor who can offer the pricing for special finance lead at $ 10 which are generated and delivered in real time. 50 State Auto Loan has a monthly lead traffic of 15,000 special finance leads and we can deliver this leads to any dealer or any buyer in real time.
We spend thousands of dollars in generating special finance lead and most of our special finance lead traffic comes from affiliates and we have quality lead traffic with which has an overview of highest ROI. So what are you thinking about contact or visit 50 State Auto Loan today and order any finance lead or prospective for just $ 10 and no one can offer you such cheap price for the subprime auto leads. Opportunity never waits it comes and goes. So contact us now.

Auto Finance Leads

Are you looking for special finance lead? But do not have good lead source that can provide you quality special finance leads. Visit and find the quality auto finance leads source for your dealership needs. Nowadays there is a lot of competition in the market and it is very hard for the dealership to find the best lead source. Most of the company that are big sometimes they do have bad lead traffic just because of the large number of auto loan lead traffic. The reason for bad quality is just because most of them are not able to verify each leads that comes into their system. They do not even know that if the leads they have is real-time or aged.

But at we offer the best quality special finance lead and new car sales leads. This has happened just because we care about the quality of the special finance leads we verify each lead that comes into the system and it not only verified we also set an appointment with each and consumer that are looking for car.

We filter the lead quality on the basis of many things such as income, bankruptcy, bad phone and not interested. We do all possible marketing methods to generate the best quality auto loan leads and we are best at providing quality special finance leads.

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Buy Your Dream Car with 50 State Auto Loan

Buying a car is very important for our day to day life. Vehicle always help us move from one place to another. And having our own car that even makes it easier and less time consuming. Everyone today wants to have their own car but what prevents them from buying their car is lack of auto finance. If your are falling short of money well you can apply for auto loan with 50 state auto loan. When you apply for an auto finance loan, you can buy any type of car you want. However, you need to consider the age of the car when applying for an auto loan. If the age of the car is 5 years and above, chances of you getting a loan is less.

Auto finance Leads is available in two types secured and unsecured. For secured loans, you need to use collateral on the loan whereas unsecured loans do not require you to place any collateral. There are some lenders who will provide you with up to 80-85 % financing on the loan, thus you need to consider this when searching for an online lender.

Auto finance loans from online companies are available to all types of borrowers, whether or not they have bad credit scores. 50 State Auto Loan has a huge network of dealers and lenders that can help you get financed. We can do all kinds of loan. Bad Credit, Bankruptcy, Good Credit, Low APR auto Loans. When we say we can that means we can!!